I'm guessing the OG is short for "OH GOD!" because this trail is one of the best Enduro DH trails around.  Even better, it's conveniently located to one of the trail head parking lots, making it ideal for laps or a great way to finish a longer ride.

​Some are calling it the new Pisgah.  I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I can certainly see where they are coming from.  This place is growing quickly, and it's kick ass!

Carvins Cove has some of the best mountain biking trails within close proximity to Roanoke, VA. There's plenty of singletrack with elevation for cross-country riders, and new enduro features are springing up weekly.

Another great thing about the Carvins Cove trail system is that there was some thought put into the layout.  No one wants to get fully engaged into a downhill only to be interrupted by a short, 50 yard granny climb.  You won't find this at Carvins Cove.  When you're climbing, you're climbing and vise versa.  There's a ridgetop trail to both entertain and provide access along the top, and there's plenty of singletrack along the bottom and around the lake for beginners.  Carvins Cove has it all.

Having these trails so close to Roanoke adds a lot of perks.  Great food, lodging, and culture are key ingredients for mountain bike destinations.  There is a lot of potential here.  Just about anything you need can be easily searched on your phone. 

Topping things off, Parkway Brewing is located just a few miles from the trail head.  They have excellent craft beer and food trucks.  What a great way to celebrate a full days worth of riding!  

Carvins Cove, Roanoke VA